Custom CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management is vital to any business’ success. In order to stay organized and efficient, companies rely on CRM systems that keep all clients’ information, projects, proposal, quotes and correspondence in one system for quick access and account overview. The biggest problem with most online CRM systems is that they are inflexible to your business requirements and can cost an arm and a leg, every month, for each user license. We don’t think it should be that way, so we decided to do something about it.

So how did we make our CRM system different from all the others out there? We audited some of the most popular CRM systems available today. We understood where they were lacking and really thought about how to improve upon them, make one that is flexible to adapt to every user’s unique needs, while keeping cost way down. It was architected based on feedback from our customers, the way different people use software and web applications and the required flexibility a CRM system should have.

The result: A unique CRM system based on what your business needs, not what developers think you need.

Instead of having to change how your team works by adapting to a generic online or offline CRM system, you can now take control over how your CRM works for you. Our CRM systems are designed and built specifically to your requirements, so you and your team can jump right in and begin using it. We’ll even import all your current data into your new CRM system, so you can see how relationships are set up, information is linked and how to keep all your customer files up to date.

A forecast from Gartner anticipates that the customer relationship management market will be worth $27.5 billion worldwide in 2015. Rising to $37 billion by just 2017.


Designed to your specifications so it works the way you need it to.


Overview of client records including all communication.


Build your own reports to extract data you actually need.


Access your files from any computer and the custom app.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Having to sift through canned reports which only contain part of the data you need is a huge waste of time. If your team is wasting time navigating a reporting system that doesn’t work for them, or you need to upgrade your ‘package’ to get access to the tools you need, you’re not working smart.

You’ll be able to finally generate your own report, selecting the data you need, to access valuable metrics already stored and calculated by your custom CRM.


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