Slide REAL-TIME ANALYTICS We develop Tracking and Statistics functionality within your newsletter management system that provide powerful insight into your strategy such as: open rates, bounce rates, how many elements within your newsletters were clicked on, how many times, etc. Functionality that may be consider complex and out of reach, can be made simple and highly informative in a cost effective way.

Survey Websites

Does your company need to conduct online surveys on a regular basis, but you’re tired of the limited functionality offered by online survey websites? Perhaps the monthly costs associated with the other online survey websites just doesn’t make sense in the long run? We agree.

Instead of building a one stop online survey website that requires you to pay monthly forever and can slow down during peak usage hours, our online survey websites are custom programmed to your requirements and your comfort level to use. The administration area allows you to create and run multiple surveys at the same time, tells you how long each participant spent on each question, whether they watched any presentations embedded into the questions, how long they watched them, and much, much more.

Each online survey you create will even activate and deactivate when you set the launch date and closing dates, generate reports based on answers and response times, demographics and any other data you may need. And all surveys you create are mobile friendly, so participants can complete your survey wherever they are, on any device.

The best part is the online survey website is yours – no monthly fees, no hidden costs, no slow downs due to millions of other survey admins setting up surveys for their companies at the same time. The online survey website is custom designed and programmed for your company and sits on your hosting server.

CMOs report they spend 8% of their marketing budgets on marketing analytics, and expect to increase this level in the next three years

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Track all responses, calculate average response and more.


Design & layout your own surveys with unique formats.


Create multiple lists of recipients for different campaigns.


Schedule surveys to send out automatically.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Having to sift through canned reports which only contain part of the data you need is a huge waste of time. If your team is wasting time navigating a reporting system that doesn’t work for them, or you need to upgrade your ‘package’ to get access to the tools you need, you’re not working smart.

You’ll be able to finally generate your own report, selecting the data you need to work productively.


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