Social Media Marketing

Expand your audience and start a viral marketing campaign using the power of social media marketing.

The main goal of social media marketing is to increase your company’s visibility in ways that were never possible before. With a properly planned and organized social media marketing strategy, your brand and message becomes visible to thousands of people everyday. It can grow your audience and potential market by thousands.

We understand that social media marketing can be confusing… where do you start?

We start with a meeting to discuss your goals and determine how to achieve the best return on your social media marketing campaign. We’ll discuss how to bring your message across in an effective manner, how to target relevant audiences that will result in returns and how to leverage other important factors to increase your visibility on the major social media platforms.

We’ll show you how to make your online marketing strategy more efficient and more cost effective.


A January 2015 survey from Forum Research found that 59 percent of Canadians have a Facebook account, compared to 30 percent who use LinkedIn, 25 percent who have a Twitter profile and 16 percent on Instagram.

facebook campaigns

Facebook exposure is a cost effective strategy for business related promotion that we can help you harness without complexity. We can seamlessly integrate the attention you receive and the conversations you create on Facebook and translate them to traffic to your website which may be converted to sales. Facebook allows you to segment your audience and engage with prospective clients in a customized way. The new Facebook Page Plugin embed that replaces their ‘LIKE’ button on websites is an example of how this traffic is becoming easier to direct and follow.

Twitter Campaigns

We understand how Twitter marketing campaigns are different, and how they can work for your specific needs. Twitter campaigns don’t have to be complicated but do allow for unique engagement. We can help develop a brand character that speaks not only to your specific product or service but also communicates personality. Your brand presence online can be enhanced by having positive client commentary on Twitter retweeted. A successful Twitter marketing campaign involves maintaining a consistent, regular flow of engaging commentary–we can help you achieve this with ease.

Google +

The Google+ social network provides unique advantages to your business that we can position you for. Google+ Circles helps you segment your market to engage with distinctive audiences for distinctive products and services or loyalty programs. It is easy to implement Google+ features such as video conferencing, or to create Hangouts to discuss new business, product launches or events such as customer appreciation.


Reach more potential customers

Think of the possibilities: 100 people like your business page on facebook. Each of those 100 people have over 300 friends; you now have a potential audience of 30,000 people. As the number of ‘likes’ on your facebook page grows, so does your potential audience, and most importantly, your potential customer list. Have quick updates you need to let your customers know about? Short, timely tweets about specials and offers can result in a large following on Twitter and engage users in a conversation with your business.