App Development

(Done right here, by our developers, in our office!)

iPhone apps and Android apps have become more than just fun programs and games to play on your smartphone. Apps have grown into useful business tools, allowing customers to access their online accounts, shop and do everything you can do on a normal website. With more people using their smartphones to manage their busy lives, apps have become an important tool to keep your business competitive.

Finding an app developer in Toronto can be difficult as most app developers in Toronto outsource the work to Asia or Eastern Europe, and charge you an inflated price for development. The worst part of outsourcing app development is quality control: how do you ensure your app will be done on time, function exactly the way it was described to you and look great? Finding issues with outsourced apps leads to huge delays in getting exactly what you were expecting.

Need to get an app developed for all mobile operating systems, like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows? No Problem. App development for each operating system can be expensive if you’re doing them individually. Talk to us today about bundling your app development for all mobile operating systems, to save you the most in costs possible on app development.

App development with Evolution in DesignZ is exactly the same process as how we do websites: simple. Let us know what you’re looking to do, and we’ll develop your iPhone app or Android app right here in Toronto, in our office, by our developers. No outsourcing, no quality control issues. We also ensure every app we develop is easily patched for upgraded smartphone operation systems, so you’re never stuck with an app that crashes on the latest iPhone OS , Android OS or Windows Mobile.

According to Statista analytics, Apps are expected to reach 268.69 billion downloads worldwide in 2017

(one of those could be yours!)

Android App Development

Expand your app's capabilities with a fully sync'd website portal for seamless user experience between the app & browser.

iOS App Development

One app, 2 devices. Our iOS app development allows your app to run on both iPhone AND iPads without having to install 2 separate apps.

Windows App Development

Bundle your Windows Mobile app with an Android and iOS app and save on development costs.

Metrics that Matter

We ensure your app is always working for you. Every hybrid app we develop comes with a full control panel with a customized dashboard, allowing you to update content, analyse stats and traffic and much more.

Our native apps also come with detailed stats tracking, metrics and a range of other functionality which keeps you up to date on everything going on with your target audience.


What You Get

Full Control

Manage all aspects of your app including users, stats, products, content and more.

Full Ownership

You own everything, from the custom design files, custom developed system and all rights.

Full Support

We ensure your app is trouble free, for free, for 6 months.


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