Newsletter Managers

Website newsletters are an important part of your online marketing strategy because they let you keep in contact with all your clients. By allowing potential and current clients to sign up to receive your company’s website newsletter, you can further promote your products, services and any specials announcements you need to make with a simple click of a button.

Our website newsletter managers are a simple and effective method to handle mass communication online. Built directly into your website administration control panel, you can access your website newsletter manager anytime and anywhere.

Creating a website newsletter is simple: simply copy and paste text content into the website newsletter manager editor, or browse and upload a pre-formatted HTML file (which you can generate yourself directly from a Microsoft Word document!) click save and send- that’s it.

With tracking and statistics functionality within your newsletter management system, you’ll have access to powerful insight into your strategy such as: open rates, bounce rates, how many elements within your newsletters were clicked on, how many times, etc. Functionality that may be consider complex and out of reach, can be made simple and highly informative in a cost effective way.

Automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages

(Source: Epsilon Email Institute)

Real time tracking data for open rates, clicks and bounces.


Design & layout your own newsletters with unique formats.


Create multiple lists of recipients for different campaigns.


Create your newsletter and schedule it to send later.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Having to sift through canned reports which only contain part of the data you need is a huge waste of time. If your team is wasting time navigating a reporting system that doesn’t work for them, or you need to upgrade your ‘package’ to get access to the tools you need, you’re not working smart.

You’ll be able to finally generate your own report, selecting the data you need to work productively.


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